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Our TeachERS

Debbie West started her physie career as a 5 year old in 1961, as one of Fairfield Club's first members under the tutelage of Mrs Norma Sullivan and Mrs Anne Johanson. She began teaching in 1980, taking over the club in the following year after club founder Mrs Johanson fell ill. She remains the club’s head Instructress today, teaching all age groups from 13 years up. Debbie won the school's highest title of Open Senior Grand Champion Girl in 1990, and achieved countless other individual successes across her competitive career. Her most recent individual competitive achievement was placing 1st in Open Advanced Ladies Section 2 at the 2020 State Grand Finals. Aside from her personal successes, Debbie has coached countless other high-achieving individuals and teams over the years, both at Fairfield City and at our sister club, Baulkham Hills.


In 2016, Jenny Black took over teaching responsibilities for the 5-8 years section, and in 2020, she also took on the 9-12 years class. Jenny has been involved with the club for over 50 years, starting as a 9-year-old under Mrs Johanson in 1969 after spending three years at the Fairfield St Barnabas club under Rhonda Twining (Appleby), herself also one of Mrs Jo's beloved students. Highly experienced both as a competitor and as a physie mum, Jenny is excited to have the opportunity to share her immense knowledge and love of physie with the next generation, assisted by her daughter, Kim.

All of our Instructresses and club helpers have undergone NSW Government Working With Children Checks.

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PAST teachers

Throughout the years, our club has had a number of beloved and respected teachers pass on their passion for physie to the next generation. We acknowledge the following former instructresses who have helped to shape our club.

  • Norma Sullivan

  • Anne Johanson

  • Ann Zyza (Dempsey)

  • Leanne Henderson

  • Valerie Hili

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