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Physical culture, or “physie” to its devotees, is a unique competitive sport fusing elements of gymnastics, contemporary dance, aerobics, jazz and ballet, with a strong focus on core strength, precise movement and rhythmic timing. It's traditionally been open to girls and ladies aged five years and up, and is hugely enjoyable whether you're an absolute beginner or a seasoned champion.

Physie involves a set syllabus of age-appropriate, low-impact dance-based movements set to modern, enjoyable music. The syllabus is learned in stages, memorised and perfected throughout the year, then performed at end-of-year competitions. You don't need dance experience to participate in a physie class, and fees are kept minimal to ensure that classes are affordable for all. Physie is a beneficial activity for mind, body and soul - it's a great way to keep active, have fun, make new friends and challenge your brain!

There are a number of different physie schools and associations around Australia, each of which approaches the sport a little differently both in terms of syllabus and attire. Other associations include BJP, APDA, WZ, United and Burns Association. Fairfield City is proudly associated with the Edith Parsons School of Physical Culture (EP Physie).

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