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Our Competitions

Within the Edith Parsons School of Physical Culture, we have several different levels of competition. While not compulsory, we do encourage our members to represent our club at competitions wherever possible. We feel this is a great way both to foster club spirit and to honour the hard work each class, student and teacher has put in over the year.


Competition dress standards differ from class and must be observed by competitors at each event - please see below for details.

Competition TYPES
  • Interclub Competition
    At an Interclub, the host club invites several other clubs to compete in a friendly setting. These occur before the start of the official competition season and do not affect end-of-year results. Our club will generally be involved in two to three Interclubs each year, held in varying locations in Sydney and surrounds. Interclubs act as a great introduction to competitive physie. They allow students and families alike the opportunity to see how a competition runs, view competition presentation standards and understand how the syllabus looks when performed in its entirety.
  • Fairfield City Club Competition
    Held during September in collaboration with our sister club, Baulkham Hills, this is our club’s annual competition/display day. While no competition is ever compulsory, we do ask that all members participate in our Club Competition as it is an opportunity to display the hard work that everyone, from pupils to teachers and families, has put in through the year in a friendly setting. It is also an opportunity to prepare our club members for the upcoming zone competitions. This day also involves a march-past display of all club members, who are encouraged to wear their medal collection in recognition of their achievements.
  • Team Competition
    Teams of 6 competitors within the same age group represent their clubs, with the aim of creating perfect synchronicity of timing, positions and placement. Teams are offered in all age groups from 7 years up, depending on class numbers. When competing in teams, members wear identical leotards and have their hair and makeup (ages 13+) styled to match in order to create a uniform look.
  • Champion Girl – Zone Heats
    Between October and November, all members aged 5 and up are offered the opportunity to enter individual competitions. Zone Heats are the first step in the selection process. Across the Sydney and North Coast zones, up to 36 competitors in each junior group (ages 5-16) are selected to compete at the State Finals. For our senior age groups, the North Coast and Sydney zones participate in a combined competition held in Sydney. 24 Open Advanced Ladies, 24 Open Seniors, 24 Intermediate Seniors and 12 Extended Ladies are selected from this competition day to progress directly to the State Grand Final.
  • Champion Girl - Novice Ladies' Championships
    Ladies in the novice sections (Elementary, First Year, Second Year and Veteran Ladies) work through a different competition structure to other groups. Zone heats and finals for these sections are held on the same day, with prizes awarded and the winner named Zone Champion Lady.
  • Champion Girl – State Final
    Held in mid-November at Hurstville Entertainment Centre, up to 36 competitors from each junior age group (5-16 years) compete individually, as selected from the Zone Heats. A maximum of 12 competitors from each age group are selected to progress to the State Grand Final.
  • Champion Girl - Senior and Ladies' Zone Championships
    Advanced Ladies who either choose not to compete in the Open Advanced Ladies section or who do not advance to State Grand Final level, along with Extended Ladies, Intermediate Seniors and Open Seniors who do not advance to State Grand Final level, may choose to compete in these additional competition days. Advanced Ladies are divided into sections based on age. Extended Ladies, Intermediate Seniors and Open Seniors groups are not divided. Heats and finals for these sections are held on the same day, with the winner named Zone Champion Girl or Lady.
  • Champion Girl – State Grand Final
    Held at Sydney Town Hall on the last Sunday of November, up to 12 of the top competitors in each age group challenge to be named Champion Girl, with six places awarded in each group. For the Advanced Ladies and Open Seniors sections, 24 girls are selected and split into two groups at random, again with six places awarded in each group. The six place-getters from each Open Senior section go on to compete once again, at the end of the day, for the school's highest title of Grand Champion Girl.
Fairfield City Physie | EP Physie
Fairfield City Physie | EP Physie
Competition ATTIRE

For any competition you enter, you will be required to wear a matching lycra leotard and 6-panel skirt combination with silver split-soled leather ballet shoes. Shimmer or fishnet tights are also compulsory from age 13 up. Fairfield City Physie has a small club uniform pool from which these may be purchased second-hand if suitable, and your Instructress or the ladies at the desk will be happy to assist with sizing advice. Alternatively, we are able to recommend dressmakers and retailers should you wish to purchase brand new.


Individual competition leotards may be of any design within reason (there are some rules that apply, so speak to your Instructress for guidelines), however for team competitions you will be required to purchase a club leotard and skirt combination as designated by your teacher, which will in most cases be custom-made by our club's very talented seamstress.


Tanning products and makeup may be worn from age 13 upward - your teacher will detail requirements for these closer to team competition time.

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